Cleaning after construction completion (empty house)
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Cleaning after construction completion (empty house)

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Post-construction industrial cleaning is the process of collecting and cleaning up residual waste after the construction process, including removing stains and utensils on the surface of floors, walls, glass doors, and checking cleanliness. generating electricity, water, air ventilation systems,...

The post-construction industrial cleaning process is divided into two specific parts as follows:

Clean rough parts

Cleaning and collecting floating garbage: this is the contractor's job of collecting construction waste left over during the construction process. The remaining materials are swept, collected and placed in bags and bins to be collected at the right place of the project.

Clean the crystal part

This is the main stage in the post-construction industrial cleaning process, it determines the completion of the project. This work is divided into 4 stages as follows:

Point eraser

The purpose of this step is to remove stubborn stains remaining during the construction process such as cement, paint, glue, and even rust.

These stains can stick to many different types of surfaces. Therefore, post-construction cleaning staff must pay attention in the process of choosing chemicals compatible with each type of surface to be cleaned.

Note in this step: When using cleaning chemicals on surfaces made of natural materials, especially wood. Post-construction cleaning staff must do so carefully. Because the wooden surface is easily scratched, scratched, discolored, or even damaged.

Synchronous cleaning

After completing the spot removal process, synchronous cleaning is the next step. Industrial cleaners begin uniform cleaning on a large scale by using a floor scrubber for large, flat surfaces made of stone, brick or using a damp broom/cloth for wooden surfaces. Then the entire surface will be thoroughly clean.

Remove remaining water and chemicals

During the process of cleaning the floor or scrubbing the floor, it is impossible to avoid water stains or remaining chemicals on the floor surface. Therefore, we are forced to remove them through the use of multi-purpose industrial vacuum cleaners in open and large areas. As for small, narrow corner areas, you can use a dry towel to absorb remaining chemicals or water.

Check and review the surface before handing over to the customer

Is the final job in post-construction industrial cleaning services. Inspection and review of cleaned surfaces is very important. Because after cleaning is complete, the cleaning team needs to ensure the surface is clean and shiny, not only removing post-construction stains but also removing tiny dust. This inspection is aimed at ensuring that unresolved areas are corrected, improving the quality of post-construction industrial cleaning services and handing over clean, standard surfaces to customers.


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