Recruitment consulting and personnel training
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Recruitment consulting and personnel training

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It can be said that recruiting and training skilled and experienced personnel is the foundation for building a sustainable business. Therefore, the process of recruiting and training human resources is always one of the top concerns throughout the development process of the business.

We always advise businesses so they can build detailed recruitment processes, helping employers clearly describe jobs and apply training solutions such as:

  • Selective recruitment: Careful selection of input personnel helps minimize recruitment costs. Being rigorous in the recruitment process from the beginning will help find the most suitable candidate. Then personnel training costs will also be reduced.
  • Training to improve skills: This is considered the best option to promote labor efficiency. The job description of recruitment and training staff also needs to pay attention to the legal responsibilities of the business to the employee. Skills improvement training also helps workers improve their service capacity, increasing the level of employee attachment to the business.
  • Improve efficiency in management activities: Training always accompanies management. Therefore, human resource management activities need to be strictly implemented, regularly screening and re-evaluating employees. This activity needs to be done skillfully so that employees can see their own strengths and limitations to promptly overcome them.
  • Provide guidance on organizing extracurricular practical activities to accumulate practical experience.

In addition, conduct a survey on employee engagement levels. Employee engagement is an important factor in driving performance and overall organizational success. Engaged employees are always dedicated, passionate about their work and actively contribute to the success of the business. By implementing effective strategies, companies can create a culture of engagement, thereby improving employee satisfaction, enhancing performance and creating a positive work environment.

Each building will have a different staff for each position. So how to recruit and provide reasonable salaries, bonuses, and penalties for employees is the job of the management board. At the same time, the management board needs to closely monitor all employee activities, ensuring the right people, the right job, and the right responsibilities.