Automatic floor cleaning robot
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Automatic floor cleaning robot

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These are combined floor scrubbers that use scrubbing, mopping and vacuuming at the same time. To save labor, time and increase cleaning efficiency. Often used to clean warehouses, factories, and workshops. Suitable for cleaning large areas.

Factory floor scrubbers are increasingly used in businesses operating in the field of industrial hygiene. With a modern design, many functions, quick floor scrubbing, only requires 1 person to operate and is very professional, not only does it help scrub and polish the floor quickly, but this product also brings many benefits to businesses. .

The robot performs pre-set cleaning modes automatically and when necessary can find its own way back to the charging station with its lithium-ion battery. The initial work area is quickly captured and memorized, then ready to go. Depending on each situation, users can specify toilet areas that need to be cleaned more thoroughly. KIRA B 50 is very flexible in its range of uses - the robot can be used both in supermarkets or DIY stores. This new product range is part of Kärcher's comprehensive approach aimed at designing the cleaning process of the future based on each customer's specific needs. The cleaning functions of robots and cleaning agents will be deployed in the best possible way to raise the quality of cleaning work to a new level.

Advantages of robots: saving human labor, saving costs, safety, remote management.

FBS Vietnam specializes in providing floor polishing services in shopping centers and high-rise buildings.

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Daily cleaning includes manual cleaning and cleaning with industrial cleaning tools.