Clean using specialized tools
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Clean using specialized tools

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Daily cleaning includes manual cleaning and cleaning with industrial cleaning tools.

The manual cleaning method is a method of cleaning with hands, brushes, brushes, wipes, and surface cleaning chemicals.

Manual methods are often applied to cleaning toilets, stairs, and places where human hands and feet can touch.

Professional cleaning staff always have their own clear process:

  • Prepare adequate cleaning equipment and move to assigned public areas such as: Lobby, hallway, stairs, elevator, guest and staff toilets, gym, spa room. .
  • Place warning signs so visitors and staff can be more careful when passing through areas that have just been cleaned.
  • Sweep, mop and polish floors, tables and chairs...
  • Vacuum the carpet dust and clean the stains.
  • Clean the dust on the wall.
  • Clean mirrors, glasses...
  • Collect and clean trash.
  • Participate in periodic general cleaning of public areas including: Cleaning carpets, ceilings, chandeliers, air conditioners and other places that cannot be cleaned regularly.
  • Report incidents and suspicious signs to superiors.

Trolleys make cleaning more convenient, in a modern world, the industry is developing. Upgraded cleaning services and specialized cleaning carts not only help workers work efficiently but also help service users feel secure about the quality of cleaning. Saving time, effort, cost, and high aesthetics is the top cleaning service that FBS Vietnam always aims to wholeheartedly serve customers.

Image: Tools for manual cleaning

With the steps of cleaning with chemicals, cleaning toilets, cleaning mirrors and sinks, cleaning floors and walls, and collecting trash, we are confident that we can bring a clean, fragrant space to your room!

The cleaning method with industrial cleaning tools is a method of using smart devices such as:

Vacuum carpets, floors, and hallways with machines

Battery-powered vacuum cleaners are superior cleaning tools in homes, companies, and stores with powerful suction capabilities and many impressive advantages that many people pay attention to.

Vacuum cleaners are a professional and highly effective cleaning solution for homes, offices, and stores. Makita battery-powered vacuum cleaner possesses a modern design, meets high-end Japanese quality, has the ability to powerfully suck up dirt and debris in the blink of an eye, and is easy to control, attracting a lot of attention from customers. row.

Vacuum dust, trash, hair and other small particles on surfaces such as floors, carpets, sofas, curtains, wall gaps and other hidden corners in the house. Equipped with a HEPA filter that can filter out microscopic dust particles, making the air in the room cleaner and minimizing allergy problems.

In addition, we also provide cleaning services for toilets, stairs, hallways, floors, and hourly maid cleaning.

Other service

These are combined floor scrubbers that use scrubbing, mopping and vacuuming at the same time. To save labor, time and increase cleaning efficiency. Often used to clean warehouses, factories, and ...