Clean the battery panels with industrial cleaning tools
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Clean the battery panels with industrial cleaning tools

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Solar panels are often installed on the roof or terrace. Therefore, the battery panels are easily clogged with dust and other unnamed debris. Of course, this will affect the performance of the solar cell. When these objects stick to the surface, it is similar to objects creating shadows covering the battery cells, causing a significant decrease in output.

According to leading experts in the field of solar power, cleaning solar panels helps increase electricity output by up to 12%. In addition, if not cleaned, power output can decrease by up to 36%.

Regularly cleaning the battery helps users easily detect risks of battery damage and promptly fix them. Of course, this helps ensure the system is operating in the best conditions. In addition, it is also a factor that helps improve battery life.

Therefore, cleaning solar batteries properly is the best method to protect your solar power system.

Manual cleaning

This is a manual method that many families and individuals choose to use. To clean solar cells by hand, we need to use a specialized brush and battery cleaner. This method is only suitable for systems with small capacity.

Steps to perform:

  • Turn off the solar power system to ensure safety and minimize battery damage.
  • Use a specialized brush, a very soft brush.
  • Use specialized battery cleaner.
  • Clean gently, avoid strong impact.
  • After cleaning everything with cleaning solution, we will spray and rinse with normal temperature water, removing dirt on the surface.

Note: Do not use corrosive materials to clean the system and read the manufacturer's instructions carefully. Absolutely do not step on the panels during cleaning.

However, this method has limitations: it consumes a lot of water, the cleaning ability is not high, and it is difficult to implement on structures with difficult-to-climb terrain.

Machine cleaning

This is a method of cleaning solar batteries for businesses, solar power plants or households in need. Using a modern solar panel cleaner helps clean the panels effectively. Besides, the automation process also helps optimize costs, time and effort effectively.

The advantage of this method is that it requires little labor, automatic operation and high cleaning ability using water pressure. However, the limitation of this method is that it requires the use of a main water supply booster pump, high cost and difficulty in moving.

Do not use corrosive materials

Strong detergents can help you clean your panels more quickly. However, it is also a factor that causes the battery panel to be damaged or have problems. Therefore, you should use specialized products to clean solar panels.

Avoid strong impacts

Excessive water pressure sprayed onto the surface of the panel can cause water to enter the electrical junction box or plug that is not completely sealed. In addition, you absolutely must not step on the battery panel to ensure no damage to the module, and at the same time not endanger yourself if the glass panel breaks.

Carefully read the instructions from your solar panel supplier

Read the battery supplier's instructions carefully: No one can give you better advice on cleaning the panels than the suppliers who manufactured the panels for you. Instructions will usually be included with the packaging or on the company's website.

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