08.08.2023 Visiting and giving gifts to nursing interns training at Suleco

Wednesday, 09/08/2023, 14:50 GMT+7

As a leading developed country in the world, Japan is an ideal destination for Vietnamese workers to live and work. With high salary, modern living environment and many benefits provided by the company and the Japanese government. Choosing to export labor to Japan has attracted many young people today. Understanding the desire to live and work abroad of Vietnamese youth, Fuji Building Services has continuously expanded its Vietnam-Japan cooperation relationship, creating the best working conditions for interns with a favorable environment. Study and work best in Japan.

Meeting to visit and encourage nursing interns

On August 8, 2023, the company had a visit to 5 nurses being trained in Vietnam, of which 2 will leave the country in September 2023. In addition to labor training, the company Fuji Building Services always focuses on the lives and activities of interns. During the training process in Vietnam, the company will have many visits and answer questions about working in Japan, helping interns have confidence and motivation to study and work in Japan.

Company leaders thoughtfully visited and encouraged you to overcome difficulties when accepting jobs such as:

  • Difficulty at work: Japanese people are famous around the world for being extremely disciplined and promoting personal responsibility. So no matter what job you do, including nursing, the pressure at work is very high. There are many regulations that you need to pay attention to such as you absolutely cannot be late, do not do personal work during hours, limit talking, gossiping... but you need to focus on work. For workers who first come and interact, they may feel constrained and pressured, but after adapting, everything will become simpler.
  • Long exit time: because nursing work requires highly specific experience, the process of selecting, interviewing, and training personnel is often quite long and rigorous. Therefore, it will lead to a situation where exit time is longer than other jobs.
  • Difficulty in contact with patients: The characteristic of nursing work is the need to care for and pay attention to patients, so in the beginning, when Japanese is not fluent and the work is still confusing, workers will encounter difficulties at work. However, if you study hard and improve, these difficulties will be much less.

Company leaders gave gifts to interns