Organize input training for interns in September 2023

Monday, 02/10/2023, 10:33 GMT+7

Recently, Fuji Building Services Vietnam Co., Ltd. organized 2 professional training sessions for interns before leaving the country, with the aim of helping interns practice necessary behavior as well as hygiene knowledge. basic birth when exposed to Japanese working culture.

Nhóm thực tập sinh và người hướng dẫn

Theoretical training at the office

From September 11, 2023 to September 15, 2023, the group of interns including 5 people who passed the interview for the building cleaning and hotel room cleaning industry, participated in a training course on basic knowledge of cleaning work. Working style of a Fuji Building Service employee in Japan.

In addition, you will also participate in practical training on toilet cleaning procedures and basic locations of the building. Although at first you were still confused with the meticulous training, you have completely completed the practice part, remembering the most basic rules of FBS employees.Thực hành vệ sinh toilet

Thực hành vệ sinh sàn bằng cây lau

Practical training at construction sites

The following week, the group of interns in the building cleaning industry participated in a direct training session at Aeon Mall Binh Tan project for 5 days. Here, you will be exposed to actual working hours, actual regulations, and actual customers using the cleaning company's services. Similar to working in Japan, you participate in the work as an official employee at the construction site.

Some trainees shared after completing the training course:

“At the end of a week of internship at the company, I learned and understood more about the Japanese way of working. At the same time, I gained a lot of experience for myself in the process of getting acquainted with Japanese culture. I am very honored to work with the company and appreciate the dedicated help and guidance from my predecessors. I promised myself that I would try to learn more things, especially improve my Japanese language skills to complete the assigned work well. I sincerely thank you" - Quoting the feelings of TTS Bui Thi Ngoc Dieu

“I would like to sincerely thank the company for creating conditions for me to come into contact with the actual work I will do in Japan. During the period of professional training from the company, I felt that Japanese was an extremely important part of the process of living and working in Japan, especially professional knowledge and vocabulary. Therefore, I told myself I would try harder to study and practice my manners when I came to Japan." - Quote from the thoughts of TTS Tran Thi Vu Hai

“Through the training process from the company, I was thoroughly guided about the work I would do in Japan. I learned a lot from the instructor's experience. Besides, I also shared a lot about work and life, especially Japanese culture and language. I consider Japanese to be one of the most difficult turning points and it is also the motivation for me to really try and try harder, with the desire to achieve JLPT N3. We would like to send our most sincere thanks to your company.” - Quote from the thoughts of TTS Le Thi Thuy Hang