Workshop “Building high-performance organizations”

Tuesday, 07/11/2023, 15:50 GMT+7

Enterprises are not only a place for economic, technical and intellectual development of people, but also like a miniature society, operating in accordance with the law and the material needs of humanity. Businesses can be understood as a cell of the world, these small cells contribute to the formation of the micro-macro economy, in which people are indispensable.

Therefore, how to make this cell operate healthily and sustainably, constantly developing with all times, requires administrators to have a way to organize working culture, conduct, and resolve conflicts. effective social connection. On the morning of November 7, 2023, members of FBS Vietnam proactively attended the workshop on the topic "Building a high-performance organization" to learn together and improve organizational thinking, helping to contribute into current company.Buổi trò chuyện diễn ra online qua zoom với quy mô hơn 200 thành viên đến từ các tổ chức, công ty và sự tham gia của các diễn giả:

  • Ms. Vo Thi Thanh Loan: Managing Director at A&P Vietnam – Certified Executive Coach, Master Facilitator & Project Management Professional (PMP®).
  • Ms. Phan Nguyet Xuan Khanh: Director of Human Resources and Organizational Development at Novo Nordisk Vietnam.
  • Mr. Ngô Sy Trung: Director of Business Development at Sieu Viet Group.

The speakers shared practical experiences about common problems of business organizations, specifically the fact that owners often set economic goals for their collective, for example the strategic ambition to increase many children. number, determining the focus of development in favor of the strongest side, etc. Among them, small cracks exist in our collective organization, which are the seeds for the disintegration of the immediate human resources plan. In a miniature social cell, there is no single color of work, cultural disagreements cause a lack of mutual trust within the leadership team. Besides, difficulties in relationships with colleagues can easily create uneven power distribution, leaders often favor consensus relationships and internally reject other relationships. From there, it leads to a lack of common voice and a lack of commitment from the owners to the members.Theo đó, anh Ngô Sỹ Trung đã giải thích vấn đề cốt lõi trong việc xây dựng tổ chức để có được hiệu suất cao chính là Thân và Chí. Thân – quản trị năng lượng của cá thể trong tổ chức, tạo thói quen rèn luyện cho toàn bộ team theo khả năng, và duy trì năng lượng đó cho đội nhóm nhằm gắn kết, xây dựng mối liên hệ trong nội bộ tập thể và giữa các tập thể với nhau.

Chi – is human development. This includes promoting training in professional knowledge, updating social knowledge to improve products, building professional work capacity and the right life attitude.

Seriously, if you think about it, organizing a high-performance team requires a lot of human factors, especially the owners. In general, depending on each team, there is a method to apply the following guidelines to fully meet 3C and 3A such as:

6 Characteristics of a High Performance Culture - YouTube