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Interview – Recruitment

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In recent years, labor export to Japan is an option that many people seek, especially young people. This is a new, promising path to help workers have a high-paying, stable job, changing not only their lives but also that of their families and the homeland where they live. Nowadays, registering to export labor to Japan is extremely easy, you just need to satisfy the conditions given by your partner and you can participate in labor and work.

In recent years, due to the increase in the proportion of elderly people and the sharp decrease in people of working age, the need to recruit foreign workers has increased. Therefore, the Japanese government has passed a bill to relax regulations on accepting foreign workers. A new type of visa - called the Specified Skilled Visa - is used by the Japanese government to receive foreign workers.

This is good news as workers can increase their working time in Japan, thereby accumulating more money. Previously, Japanese technical intern trainees only had a working limit of 3 years. But according to the new regulations, if they meet all conditions, interns can return to Japan to work after the contract ends.

In addition, under the new special skills visa program, the working time of interns granted special skills visas will be extended for a long time.

After the process of searching and selecting candidates, the employer will have an interview to decide the number of interns in the form of:

- Directly meet and ask questions at human resource supply facilities in Vietnam

- Indirectly meet and ask questions online via the internet


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