Consulting and decoding the Kaigo industry for interns before the interview

Saturday, 04/11/2023, 16:48 GMT+7

On June 22, 2023, Fuji Building Services Vietnam (FBSV) had a discussion with more than 50 interns from Suleco. The topic revolves around answering concepts, specific jobs as well as concerns of young Vietnamese people who want to go to Japan to work in the nursing industry (called Kaigo in Japanese). Attendees at the Q&A session include:

FBSV recruiter: Mr. Nakashima, FBSV CEO; Ms. Suehiro, head of nursing department of FBS in Hiroshima-Japan; Ms. Sumikawa, head of FBS nursing department in Hiroshima-Japan. In addition, there was also the participation of a representative from the union - the Japanese intern management unit, Mr. Kushihara of Grop.

In addition, the candidates also had the opportunity to interact with Kaigo intern returning home, Mr. Luan. He graduated with a major in Nursing in Vietnam and is currently working at the emergency department of Hospital 115, Ho Chi Minh City. He shared his practical experience working in Japan, and the right and wrong things that people evaluate about the Kaigo industry.

Kaigo industry workers are the ones responsible for taking care of the elderly including health, life, including daily hygiene activities to make it easier for the elderly in their daily activities, including: Support Food and hygiene support, health support, relaxation.

"Being friends with the elderly": Kaigo interns are thoroughly trained in the process of caring for the elderly, practicing attitudes and a high sense of responsibility to be able to understand the thoughts, aspirations and emotions of the elderly. old person. This job provides the best care and support for the elderly. Putting the elderly to sleep is also a job for Kaigo interns in Japan.

Taking care of daily activities for the elderly: Specific tasks such as assisting with meals, planning main meal menus, reminding to take medication, recording care diaries, assisting with travel and hygiene. Support doctors and nurses to monitor the health of the elderly: By chatting daily, Kaigo interns will grasp the health status of the elderly. Interns are responsible for teaching them basic exercise movements, helping them relax. Since then, their spirit has become more comfortable and happier.

Advantages of participating in the Kaigo intern selection program

  • Large recruitment demand: Kaigo industry is seriously lacking human resources because Japan's population is increasingly aging. This is a great opportunity for young Vietnamese people who love caring for and supporting others, especially those who have been trained in nursing.
  • Good working conditions and environment: Kaigo interns will enjoy high welfare benefits, work in spacious, clean elderly care facilities, supported by modern equipment.
  • In addition, Kaigo interns also have the opportunity to extend their visa for a long time if they pass the Kaigo Japanese national certification exam.