Electrical system maintenance
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Electrical system maintenance

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We strive to ensure facilities and equipment are operating properly, perform daily maintenance and inspections, and manage data to support the work environment.

  • Check the power source of the mechanical and electrical system in the building
  • Check the distribution electrical cabinet, warning lights and indicator devices of the electrical cabinet
  • Check the load distribution of phases
  • Measure input voltage - output voltage, phase sequence of electrical cabinets
  • For server rooms, check power cables

The process of maintaining a building's electrical system cannot ignore the measurement and inspection process. Based on statistical data, the maintenance staff will understand the operating situation of the entire lighting system. Thanks to that, the maintenance team will save a lot of time when troubleshooting problems.

The illumination of the light bulb system will likely decrease over time. Therefore, periodically checking the lighting system will improve the light source in the building. This always ensures more efficient exploitation and operation.

Other service

Fuji Building Services Vietnam provides and manages technical maintenance and building maintenance specialists 24/7.
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Measure the comfort level of the air in the office space and confirm the appropriate level of indoor environment.
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