Maintain air conditioning systems
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Maintain air conditioning systems

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We clean and inspect air conditioning equipment, maintain comfortable room temperatures and assist in maintaining a comfortable workplace.

Air conditioner, air conditioner, is a device that changes the temperature within a glass space, helping the air in the room maintain a stable temperature and humidity. Air conditioning helps filter out dirt and bacteria, making the air fresher. A clean, comfortable environment will help us focus on work more. Understanding that benefit, Fuji Building Services has provided customers with cleaning and maintenance services for air conditioning systems. Periodically checking the system will help customers feel secure about the air and living space.

- Remove dirt from the air conditioning system filter, replace the filter

- Check the air volume and temperature of the air vent and filter
- Check and fix gas pipe problems
- Add additional gas if necessary
- Check the temperature controller to ensure proper operation
- Check the operation of the valves
- Check the condition of the condenser and condenser fan motors
- Check the operation of the sensor devices
- Check system corrosion condition
- Test the system after maintenance
- Prepare post-maintenance reports

Besides, cleaning also needs to be maintained regularly to ensure the quality of the equipment's operation:

  • Clean inside
  • Clean the filter
  • Clean the control panel



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