Inspection of fire protection equipment
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Inspection of fire protection equipment

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For firefighting equipment, we will check for proper location, damage and function.


- Fire extinguisher


Automatic fire alarm




Emergency broadcasting equipment




Other service

Fuji Building Services Vietnam provides and manages technical maintenance and building maintenance specialists 24/7.
We clean and inspect air conditioning equipment, maintain comfortable room temperatures and assist in maintaining a comfortable workplace.
We strive to ensure facilities and equipment are operating properly, perform daily maintenance and inspections, and manage data to support the work environment.
We will clean the water tank to provide safe drinking water.And we conduct water quality testing to ensure the water is safe.
Measure the comfort level of the air in the office space and confirm the appropriate level of indoor environment.
Elevator maintenance is the process of inspection and maintenance to maintain the elevator without damage and always in a safe and reliable operating condition. If damage is detected, take corrective ...