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Elevator equipment

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Elevator maintenance is the process of inspection and maintenance to maintain the elevator without damage and always in a safe and reliable operating condition. If damage is detected, take corrective and replacement measures to avoid unfortunate risks from occurring.

Every month, the maintenance department will have to carry out basic tasks such as:

  • Check the drive system: electric motor, gear box, add oil
  • Check the electrical system, mechanical system, tighten nuts that loosen during use
  • Check the cabin, the ability to open and close the floor doors, cabin doors, floor deviation...
  • Check the load cable, safety mechanisms: Brake, emergency stop brake, interlock, switch to limit the cabin from going up and down (travel limit switch)...
  • Clean cabin guide rails, counterweights, add oil if lacking, clean elevator pits, engine room
  • ...

In addition, you must regularly check elevator safety warning displays and display instructions on how to prevent elevator incidents.

  • Instructions for using the ladder
  • Incident warning signs include alarm sounds and cameras in the elevator
  • Notice signs on the inside and outside of the elevator about weight and number of people/objects inside and outside the elevator. Periodically check the warning sound.
  • Display elevator interface


Other service

Fuji Building Services Vietnam provides and manages technical maintenance and building maintenance specialists 24/7.
We clean and inspect air conditioning equipment, maintain comfortable room temperatures and assist in maintaining a comfortable workplace.
We strive to ensure facilities and equipment are operating properly, perform daily maintenance and inspections, and manage data to support the work environment.
For firefighting equipment, we will check for proper location, damage and function.
We will clean the water tank to provide safe drinking water.And we conduct water quality testing to ensure the water is safe.
Measure the comfort level of the air in the office space and confirm the appropriate level of indoor environment.