Interview to recruit 2 technical interns in the hotel room cleaning industry, group 1

Friday, 10/03/2023, 14:50 GMT+7

Proud to be one of Japan's leading cleaning service companies, Fuji Building Services Vietnam Company had a direct interview to recruit 2 technical interns in the hotel cleaning industry. With specialized training programs in Japan, you will receive professional technical training and access to advanced machinery and robots to serve your work. During the 3 years of signing a contract with the company, interns will receive support from the company in daily life as well as create conditions for them to learn Japanese and take certification exams, helping them to learn Japanese and take certification exams. You have the opportunity to develop after returning home, as well as those who want to stay and work long term and settle in Japan.

In addition to cleaning companies in Japan, in Vietnam we are also constantly developing cleaning services for buildings, hotels... in Vietnam. After 3 years of studying and working in Japan, with qualifications and experience accumulated in Japan, Fuji Building Service company in Vietnam is ready to welcome you with many staff positions in accordance with your major. have learned. This is the motto that the company always aims to develop human resources in Vietnam, creating a long-term development relationship between Vietnam and Japan.