Seeing off 8 technical intern trainees in the building cleaning industry, group 4, leaving for Japan

Saturday, 04/11/2023, 17:58 GMT+7

At 9:00 p.m. on the day representing FBS Vietnam, General Director Loi, staff and families of 8 interns arrived at Tan Son Nhat airport to see off 8 technical interns in the building cleaning industry leaving for Japan.

The Covid 19 pandemic since the 2020s has caused most international airports to close, and trainees have also postponed their flight schedules. Until September 2022, when the diplomatic door is re-established, you can set out to realize your dream. Even though we have to wait a whole year, the youth's determination to start a career is still as enthusiastic as the first days of applying.

Company representatives met and talked with interns and their families in front of the international port entrance. At 9 p.m., you say goodbye to your relatives and company for the last time, check in your luggage and go through customs.

Working in Japan is no longer a strange image to each of us. However, the moment of saying goodbye to the dearest ones still contains tears filled with love. Perhaps you will forever remember your family's charming face, using it as motivation to strive for a more beautiful life.

Perhaps, the suitcase you carry with you will no longer be ordinary physical luggage, but will also contain determination, excitement, opportunities and challenges in Japan. Now, the hindrance of the pandemic does not erode the confidence to take off, but also increases the steadfastness of youth, so that you will become even more mature.

The company happily welcomes that spirit and will always be a strong supporter to continue your goals. Wishing you a safe flight and a bright future!